The vast majority of the population are reported to be tired and stressed. Stress and fatigue also aggravate bad eating habits, which results in people being overweight. The wellness industry is not only limited to spas and organic products but also encompasses other elements that contribute to wellness such as life coaching, organic foods and everything relating to sustainable development.
Thus, activities linked to wellness, such as those provided by saunas, water treatments, massage therapies and relaxation centres, are experiencing a period of radical growth.
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Join us in a partnership to build a healthy workforce for your company, This way, everyone shares the responsibility for promoting health and everyone benefits from improved health outcomes.
‘Time out’ for the employee
- Look and feel good
- More relaxed and energized
- Better sleep / Increase skills and confidence
- Stronger muscles and bones
- Stronger heart and lungs
- Lower cholesterol / Weight management
- Warding off conditions such as Osteoarthritis & Type II diabetes
- Improved quality of life
Benefits to the employer of ‘healthy’ employees
- Improved time management
- Improved mental alertness & self-esteem
- Increased productivity / Reduced absenteeism
- More positive employees / Improved attitudes (less stress)
- Improved job satisfaction via reduced stress
- Happier workplace / Improved staff retention
- Improved staff morale
- More energetic employees
The below memberships include the access to the following: Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi and Relaxation Lounge in the gender-specific locker rooms, Relaxation Terrace, Gymnasium
Type of Membership
- 1 Year Membership
- 6 Months Membership
- 3 Months Membership
- 1 Month Membership
- Daily entrances are also available at the Spa Reception
06h00 to 22h00
Sat & Sun
08h00 to 22h00
Hair Salon
08h00 to 21h00
Sat & Sun
09h00 to 21h00
06h00 to 22h00
Sat & Sun
07h00 to 21h00