An innovative and unique body therapy spa range containing an abundance of exotic aromatic scents and natural herbal infusions with reputed healing properties. Africa provides the ultimate sensory experience for natural therapy as well as complete relaxation & rejuvenation.

From heavenly aromas to herbal purity, TheraNaka™ is a mesmerising and innovative body & sense-soothing safari, replicating the earthy scents and awe-inspiring wonders of this most profound continent.
african fusion full body massage
  60 min
african fusion back massage
  45 min
Enjoy the freedom of choosing your favourite scent from our selection of Marulaherb infused fusion body oils to address your every need whilst restoring balance.
Peace — Relaxing
Recharge — Uplifting
Storm — Detoxifying
Vigour — Muscle Tension
avocado & shea butter full body massage
  60 min
avocado & shea butter back massage
  45 min
Enjoy the freedom of choosing your favourite scent from our selection of luxurious herb infused Avocado and Shea massage butters.
Sunset — Relaxing
Daybreak — Uplifting
Storm — Detoxifying
african wood massage
  90 min
Mimicking the rhythmical patterns of an African dance, this TheraNaka™ signature massage blends light stretching techniques and specially designed body and facial wooden implements to relax and restore your weary body. Being drizzled with a warm Olive and Shea butter ointment will nourish and heal dry skin whilst promoting blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.
tri-scented shea body nugget massage
  90 min
Inspired by the people of Africa’s use of the circular form, this unique ritual was created to encompass our connection with nature and celebrating the circle of life. Small blocks of aroma infused Shea butter are placed on different areas of your body to aid circulation, relax and clear areas of congestion. Experience the soothing warmth as the butter melts under your therapist’s hands leaves you utterly relaxed and your skin nourished and hydrated.
african awakening massage
  90 min
Drawing inspiration from the Marula tree and the African traditional healing beliefs, an ultra relaxing indulgent full body massage was created. The skilful combination of contracting and oxygenating enhancing breathing techniques will awaken your senses and revive your body and mind. Enjoy the freedom of choosing your favourite scent from our selection of Marula-herb infused Fusion body oils to address your every need.
hand ritual
  30 min
Ideal for the “ever working hands”. Experience the healing touch as your hands and forearms are gently exfoliated with a nourishing crushed Apricot kernel cream, followed by an ultra relaxing massage that addresses every exhausted muscle in your hands and arms with its soothing qualities. The healing properties of an Aloe Ferox gel mask soothes and hydrates the hands whilst the application of a Baobab infused lotion will leave the hands soft to the touch.
foot ritual
  45 min
This “soleful” journey will take your feet through a Geranium and Pine sugar exfoliation whilst soaking in a herbal salt foot bath. Allowing your feet and legs to relax completely, a muscle soothing foot and leg massage with wooden implements will commence followed by a cool, revitalising mask. Nourishing Baobab infused lotion will be applied to prepare your feet for their journey ahead.
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