Maternity Spa Treatments (Offered only after the first trimester) Having a baby is a stressful business, both physically and mentally. It is the perfect time for a lady to check out of reality and into a spa. Mama’s Touch™ is our special program of skin salvation; indulgent spa treatments designed to take you right through every stage of your nine month stretch.
yummy yummy
  75 min
This is an Omega-rich facial for your tummy, because it’s your tummy that needs the attention to maximize skin strength, health and elasticity. This treat is combined with the luxury of an upper back, neck and head massage
lighten up
  30 min
A mineral-rich foot soak, exfoliation and massage for lower legs and feet to help with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring affects of carrying an extra load. They don’t call it a maternity marathon for nothing
lighten up
  75 min
Rejuvenate your skin and clear your mind in preparation for your pending arrival. Mama Mio Smoothie will exfoliate your skin oh-so gently (but effectively) followed by the most moisturizing massage to hydrate and elasticize your skin. A luxurious scalp massage will sweep away your stress, leaving you with skin to rival your baby’s bottom.
mellow mama
  75 min
A completely relaxing full body massage using our safe but effective pre-natal techniques and our award-winning Omega-rich oils to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying that beautiful bump.
4th trimester healing hour
  60 min
Your baby is here and you are in need of a little rejuvenation? This restorative massage treatment helps your body realign as you remember how to be one person again. Sometimes new mothers need a little mothering too! This is the perfect present for new mamas.
mellow mama spa package
  3 hours
Nobody deserves spa treatments more than a supermama under construction. This package offers you the benefits of a gentle exfoliation hidden in the relaxation of a stress relieving massage, your cuticles are treated to a wonderful omega rich balm and your feet to a mineral rich foot treatment. Because it’s your tummy that needs the attention to maximize skin strength, health and elasticity, we treat your gorgeous preggy bump to a glorious facial. Combined with a head massage this package is a full-on stress banishing treat.
There come a time in every woman’s life when she looks in the mirror and thinks “Yikes! The time has come to get my body back!”. Welcome to Bootcamp, our capsule collection of hard hitting treatments that make a real visible and lasting difference to that bit of your bod that bugs you Gentle whale sounds and tinkling water fountains, this is NOT! So, whether it’s your boobs sliding south, your butt spreading east & west or your tummy looking less toned than you like to remember, commit, take action and sign up to a course of Bootcamp Treatments
bootcamp for butts
  lift your butt in 1 hr
So you wanted a peach and somehow ended up with an orange? Reduce cellulite and water retention, improve skin tonicity and reduce wobble with this radical circulation boosting, double exfoliation, algae mask treatment specifically created to get your butt back to its former glory. Honey I shrank my hips!
bootcamp for tummies
  a tummy tuck in 1 hr
If your tummy is your trouble spot, this is the treatment for you. It combines the benefits of a retexturising fruit-acid peel for deep double exfoliation with toning and tightening actives and an algae-rich mask. Specific massage techniques wake up lazy abs and radically increase circulation. Gym for slack skin!
  a boob job in 1 hr with batwing blaster
Protect your assets with this amazing bust & upper body treatment that will boost your pecs and triceps, dramatically increasing circulation to the whole bust area and releasing pressure points that affect posture. Gentle exfoliation combined with Omega-rich mask will pump up tired skin boosting collagen whilst elasticizing and smoothing for a visibly proud upstanding bust and toned arms.
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reputed healing properties. Africa provides the ultimate
sensory experience for the natural
therapy as well as complete relaxation & rejuvination.
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